President of Gabonese Republic

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Late Ambassador of Gabonese Republic

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04th April 2008 to 04th December 2020

Late Ambassador’s Funeral Ceremony 11 December 2020

The first Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary representative of the Gabonese Republic in India from 04th April 2008 to 04th December 2020

Mrs. Joséphine Patricia NTYAM-EHYA

Chargé d’Affairs - First Counsellor

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Cultural Counsellor

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About Gabon

The Gabonese Republic is located along the Equator in central Africa between the Republic of Congo, Cameroon, and Equatorial Guinea. It also borders the Atlantic Ocean with 885 kilometres of coastline. The terrain comprises of coastal plain, hilly interior, and savanna in the east and south. The climate is always hot, humid and tropical.
On August, 17, 1960, the Republic of Gabon formally achieved its independence from France. During the first post-independence election and under a new presidential system, the primary legislative elections were held in February 1961; the Gabonese Democratic Bloc (Bloc Démocratique Gabonais-BDG) and Gabonese Democratic and Social Union (Union Démocratique et Sociale Gabonaise-UDSG) coalition won all seats in the National Assembly which declared former Vice President Gabriel Leon Mba the first elected president of the Gabonese Republic.

Gabon India Ties

Government`s Activities

The Republic of Gabon adopted its constitution on 15 March 1991, mixing a legal system of French civil law and customary law. As a multiparty presidential republic and stable democratic nation,

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Gabon Tourism

Gabon became aware of its exceptional heritage very early on and undertook a vast conservation programme to preserve its forests, flora and fauna, anticipating the goals of the 3rd millennium back in 1972. 

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News From Embassy

Embassy of Gabon celebrated 57th Independence Day
This year’s celebration focused on culutral diplomacy in an attempt to showcase some aspects of the cultural identity of the people of Gabon. 

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In the National Park of Birogou, a female panther and kids found by eco guardian, 22/04/2021

A walking nighter panther, National Park of La Lopé (North East of Gabon), 23/04/2021

The legend: two baleines in the deep Atlantic Ocean, boarding the south east of Gabon.

12 August, Elephant 🐘 international day!


Activities of the President


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The visa service is henceforth opened in the Embassy of Gabonese Republic in New Delhi

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